We are Pune based Company working for developing Harnessing energy source for world bright and clean future. The HIT group is focused on delivering sustainable energy in a world without subsidies. The group is privately owned and takes a long-term view of business...

Aims and objectives

To be a responsible leader in providing clean energy solutions for sustaining the Earth. To be India’s leading renewable energy company providing the most innovative clean energy solutions to our clients. To execute and operate our projects efficiently and maintain the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental sustainability To foster a culture of trust, collaboration and performance to achieve our business goals and be an employer of choice.


One logical way to address increasing energy demand and global warming concerns is sustainable, clean wind energy. Wind power is more cost-efficient than thermal power sources like coal, gas and nuclear energy, even without including the costs of their environmental impact. Moreover, wind power in India is at grid parity (i.e., does not depend on subsidies), is scalable, has no fuel risk, has a shorter period of delivery cycle and has a low gestation period of six months to one year.


Sustainability is at the core of what we do. Committed to leading a change in the country’s current energy portfolio by delivering cleaner and smarter energy choices and thereby reducing India’s carbon footprint, ReNew Power’s mission is to play a pivotal role in meeting India’s growing energy needs in an efficient, sustainable and socially responsible manner. The company creates value through reliable and efficient generation of non-conventional power through innovation in solar and wind power solutions.

Meet Our Team

We are the group of 5 engineers working on harnessing of the renewable energy sources. Our focus is to overcome the major disadvantage of discontinuity in power generation from hydroelectric and wind power and to generate the energy 24 × 7 × 365 days.

B. N. Hajare


Sandip Bhokase


Laxman Bagal

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