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A country’s economic progress majorly depends upon its energy resources. Over the next 30 years, as the world's population rises and as emerging economies improve their living standards, the global demand for energy is expected to grow by a massive 40%.However, with the increasing danger posed by pollution, there is an urgent need to shun the excessive use of pollution releasing conventional sources of energy and switch over to environment friendly options like the renewable energy resources.

Anthropogenic windmill

Wind energy offers many advantages, which explains why it's one of the fastest-growing energy sources in the world But Different regions have different wind speed, therefore it's vital to understand the relationship between wind speed with power production.The faster the wind speed and the stronger the wind force, the greater amount of power generated by the wind turbine. In Anthropogenic windmill we have artificially created the low pressure as compared to atmospheric pressure so that the air will flow with high velocity in one direction which ultimately results in generating 24 X 7 X 365 days electrical power.


Hydro energy is available in many forms, potential energy from high heads of water retained in dams, kinetic energy from current flow in rivers and tidal barrages, and kinetic energy also from the movement of waves on relatively static water masses. Many ingenious ways have been developed for harnessing this energy but most involve directing the water flow through a turbine to generate electricity.Building large power plants is very costly. Hydroelectric power plants are not a special case to this. In NeerGen, We have achieved the required head for the power generation in Hydroelectric power plant which tends to save the major cost associated with the Hydroelectric power generation. Recycling of the water used in NeerGen is possible which results in decreasing the cost and space per unit energy generation.